Art with my Son

My six-year old’s new thing is a DVD called Crash! Road Cycling’s Greatest Crashes! (“You’ll Feel the Pain!) It features crashes and pile-ups from all the famous bicycle races without showing anything gruesome. Perfect for a young kid.

Besides running around his train table like a little speed demon, and then wiping out, he has taken to creating pictures and warning. signs. One of his recent signs inspired me to do a collage:


When I showed it to him, he responded with his own piece:


He placed it right next to mine (“Look, Mommy!”) and I could see right away that mine was way too busy! Then he started making more drawings:

sidebyside-22  dommiecrash

He also loves to create construction zones, and plays with such materials as Caution Tape and Danger Tape. I used some of the danger tape in this one, titled “Honest Danger I” (I also used paper from his Honest Kids Juice Packs, thus the name):

honestdanger (1)

I am looking forward to many more years creating artwork with my son.  Last night I had a hard time getting him to go to bed. “One more project, Mom!”



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