Art is My Therapy, Right?


I guess it is. Because today, on my birthday, a day upon which I can do whatever I like because it is Sunday, and my husband is watching our son, and I’ve already consumed a wonderful brunch followed by three scoops of ice cream at Ici in Berkeley, I decide, against all odds NOT to take a luxurious nap, which is perhaps my favorite decadent pleasure in the world, and instead, to paint and collage. I know – I can’t believe it myself. No one home. My comfy bed calling out to me. But instead of napping, I grab my drawing pad, water color pencils and collaging materials and work from the dining room facing east until the sun goes down. You’ve gotta hand it to those Impressionists – they really knew how to capture the subtle changes in light.  I was pretty happy with my interpretation, nonetheless. And it made me happy doing it.



5 thoughts on “Art is My Therapy, Right?

  1. Badge, I LOVE that collage. I’m always focused on the west when I stand on your balcony but you made the east look quite beautiful as well. Awesome!

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