Piedmont Stairs

trixandbadge stairpiedmont

My sister, Melissa, asked if my friends and I did a Stairway Walk after our huge lunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen a couple of weeks ago. Indeed, we did, although in order to burn the calories ingested that afternoon, we really needed to have done four walks, or else run the course several times, as we saw one fellow doing. We were content, however, to walk and climb at a leisurely pace, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Piedmont.

This particular walk is called Trestle Glen and Piedmont, with a duration 45 minutes,  a distance of 1.4 miles, a difficulty rating of 3 and 370 steps. This is one of the shorter walks in Charles Fleming’s book Secret Stairs East Bay, and begins on the border of Oakland and Piedmont near the intersection of Park Boulevard and Trestle Glen Road. There are Tracie and I, guidebook in hand, ready to go!

Located in the East Bay Hills, the small city of Piedmont is surrounded on all sides by the city of Oakland and is almost exclusively zoned for single-family residential housing. There are lots of gorgeous houses and spectacular views of Oakland, San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay. One of the first houses we came upon had a tree swing in the front yard. Alyssa and I were ready to try it out, but there had been enough egg on Tracie’s face for one day, so we kept going.

swing cherryblossompiedmont

There are some lovely saltillo tile patterns on several sidewalks, some which extend to the adjoining stairs. This is a type of terra-cotta tile that originated in Saltillo, Mexico. We also came across some golden poppy – the state flower of California.

saltyarch  poppies

This was a pleasant walk that I would do again. I could even see myself putting on some running clothes on a cool day, and talking the loop in both directions for exercise.  Well, we’ll see about that.


One thought on “Piedmont Stairs

  1. I loved this walk. It was a good reminder of how a tour book of your own city can be a very cool thing.

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