Chatting over Chaat


I just spent three lovely days with my sister Melissa and her wife Jennifer who were visiting from the East Coast.  I set aside my collages to play  host, not concerned that I would be without therapeutic activities.  One of my favorite forms of therapy is good eating,  so I was delighted when Jennifer suggested lunch at Vik’s Chaat Corner in Berkeley (

Jennifer had been to Vik’s as a grad student at UC Berkeley years ago.  Back then, it was nothing more than a nondescript warehouse on a commercial stretch of  West Berkeley. Well, much has changed on Fourth Street since the nineties.  Vik’s  moved to a larger, brighter warehouse in the same area which is now dotted with artist studios and “Build it Green Certified” apartments.  The area of Fourth Street a few blocks north is now a high-end shopping district characterized by several good eateries and stores such as Sur La Table, Anthropologie,  Kiehl’s and M.A.C. Cosmetics.  Vik’s  boasts a spacious, colorful dining area with an adjoining market place for all of your Indian cooking needs.


Now that I think about it, I’m a bit surprised that Jennifer  even suggested Indian food  because the two of them  live in Jackson Heights,  Queens -one of the biggest Indian neighborhoods in New York.  On the other hand, they probably wanted to compare good Indian food on the other coast.

Vik’s  is not your run-of-the mill  Indian restaurant with “the best chicken tikka massala” around. In fact, you would not find that on the menu. According to some of our Indian friends, this is the only local restaurant that serves authentic Indian food. Order at the counter from the daily specials, and then wait until your name is called from one of the various open stations. We grabbed a mango and a rose lassi and waited. Here are Jennifer and Melissa, happy because they will be eating soon:


We decided on a Massala Dosa (a huge savory pancake stuffed with potato filling),  Dahi Padpi Chaat (Jennifer’s favorite – made with little dumplings (papdis),  potatoes and garbanzo beans smothered with yogurt and chutney), and Pani Puri,  my favorite, in part because it is so much fun to assemble.  I love puri,  a huge puffed up hollow bread that reminds me of a blowfish. This chaat consists of tiny, individual  puris. You poke a hole in them, fill them with potatoes and garbanzo beans, add a little tamarind chutney, and fill with spiced mint water. You then pop the whole puri in your mouth. Yum! Below you can see Melissa assembling one.

food  stuffing

After quickly devouring these three chaats, we were ready for more. We spied what looked like a colorful little pizza at a neighboring table, and  decided to try that one.  This chaat is called Uttappam and is a rice and lentil pancake topped with tomatoes and onion. I could not even snap a shot before Melissa pulled a piece off.


Vik’s has a large selection of Indian sweets, typically too sweet for my taste. Instead, we went to the grocery area and got a kulfi malai- a simple  Indian ice cream, which just hit the spot.


2 thoughts on “Chatting over Chaat

  1. I really loved the dosa! The filling was delicious and the pancake was really buttery, so if memory serves me correctly, I liked this one better than what I’ve tried in Jackson Heights. I’ve never seen an uttapam like the one we had at Vik’s either, but Jen said there were mini ones at a buffet we’ve gone to in the past. The most unusual dosa we had was one with a spinach and cheese filling near Queens College. The famed early music singer Julianne Baird took us. Great food in CA! Too bad the pants I was planning on wearing for tomorrow’s gig are too tight. That might be the nightly ice cream indulgence though!

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