Second Collage


I am NOT a morning person, but recently I’ve been getting up early, prompted to do something productive:  write, meditate, draw,  exercise …  Highly unusual, but good, I suppose. Who knows,  perhaps I’m finally  developing some healthy new habits!

This morning I woke up before dawn,  thinking I wanted to blog about a recent workshop (on the use of digital film making  as a healing tool, particularly for people in the hospital). But when I looked out the window at the grey morning, I was motivated to start the second collage for my  Rectangles on the Bay series.

I enjoy taking pictures. They’re not the best quality as they’re just snapped from my iphone.  It’s easy to do, though, and suffices for my purposes,  at least for  now. (Getting a nice camera and using it is on my bucket list). Anyway, I like the reflections and angles in the above photo. It’s several hours after I made the collage, so the light is a lot different, and I took it from a closer vantage point.

Things went pretty smoothly during this collage-making session. No gunky glue sticks. Nothing burst into flames. The only misstep was accidentally dipping one of my  watercolor pencils into my coffee (hey, it was before 7 AM!) And yes, I continued to drink the coffee.

easy mistake

Easy mistake.

I wasn’t planning to use anything but paper and glue for this collage, but a majestic pine tree begged to be included. It was fun using aforementioned watercolor pencils, first to sketch the tree, then wetting them to add painterly effects.  I enjoy working with these pencils as they are much easier to control than paint brushes.

Here is the result, which is nearly finished. As with the first collage, I am planning to include some metal and string to fashion the blind cords and cleat hooks.  I figured that would be a nice way to tie them together.

collage 2


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